The first collage is of my plane ride out of the United States and into Europe along with my first few days in Lithuania.
The above collage is pictures from Tallinn, Estonia.

This collage includes our ferry ride across the Baltic Sea from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki, Finland.

This collage is more pictures taken around Vilnius.

1. Our hostel, Paupio Namai which translates to House by the River. 2. The window with the balcony and the flower box is our room. 3-6. Views walking to school including a massive hill that we had to walk up every day. 7. The outside of ISM looks a little sketch and pretty run down. 8. Me in front of the ISM sign. 9. You walk through the run down archway and then you see this building which is ISM, much nicer than what you might think it was from the front. 10. One of my favorite views of Vilnius that I saw every day was actually from the window in the girls W.C. 11-12. When you leave the building the back way there is this church. We were told by one of our professors that one day he looked out his office window one day to see tanks and Nazi flags hanging on the church. He later found out that they were filming a WWII movie there. 13. The postcard that I am holding we actually found when we went to Trakai. When we saw the picture we immediately realized that it is the same street that we walk down every day to go to school. 14. My second favorite every day view, taken at the top of the hill you see in picture five. 15. Last but not least: snails. They are all over the place!

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